Nowadays the medical market is undergoing a dramatic revolution with new standards and a breadth of services including personalized healthcare, reliable diagnostics and precise treatment. AI and sharp technological solutions are a cornerstone in the medical market and the changes it is undergoing. RTC Vision supports this challenge with a wide range of medical applications from advanced medical imaging of various modalities to deep learning diagnostics using the most up-to-date technology, from minimal invasive applications to surgery aid. RTC Vision applies a range of AI tools and deep experience to deliver core technologies and supplemented applications.

Advanced Manufacturing​​

Today's manufacturing industry is rapidly shifting to smart production. Industry 4.0 describes the fourth industrial revolution that is characterized by more and more robotics and automation. RTC has vast experience in various manufacturing industries including electronic manufacturing, automotive, food, and consumer goods where we have performed projects for visual inspection, pick-and-place, active alignment, palletizing, robot navigations, and more. For a factory engaged in automation, finding an experienced partner for sharp development processes is a prerequisite for success. The increasing demand for automation and autonomous devices requires a high-level of machine learning and AI algorithms. RTC Vision offers a rich portfolio that perfectly aligns with the manufacturing world of tomorrow.​

Infrastructure & Consternation​

From early stages of establishment through daily maintenance and from large scale energy facilities to small scale wall design optimization, modern construction relies on AI tools. Each application must ensure a precise and efficient outcome. RTC Vision provides a wide range of smart tools to ensure the quality of every step in the process from accurate closed-loop processes to a day-to-day control and continuous maintenance. ​


The global market for consumer goods is characterized by high quality and efficiency and demands smart solutions. RTC Vision works with numerous manufacturers, building agile verification processes that are based on Computer Vision. RTC Vision adjusts and enhances its proprietary tools in order to achieve utmost precision and speed for the entire manufacturing chain and ensuring the highest quality products.​


RTC Vision's advanced tools support various demands of the defense market including advanced developments for achieving high quality and high precision devices, sophisticated AI surveillance algorithms, accurate navigational and orientation systems, and a wide range of image processing packages that can be used for developing innovative devices and applications.​


Over the years, RTC Vision had the privilege to perform projects in many different markets. Such as grading diamonds, car park finding solutions, measuring people to best fit clothes, augmenting reality, searching for visually similar images in large databases, and many more. All of these projects shared the common denominator of the need for solve and efficiently implement hard technology challenges that involve Computer Vision and AI. RTC Vision provides cutting edge and innovative solutions in rapid cycles whenever a Computer Vision method or smart AI solution is required. RTC Vision prides itself on flexible capability to provide an innovative result in a short time for the most complex of problems. ​