Mazor Robotics specializes in the development and marketing of innovative surgical robots and complementary products that redefine the field of medical surgery.

“RTC Vision has been a trusted Mazor partner since 2005. Able to handle the challenges of our product development life cycle, from algorithm development to implementation, RTC overcame even the toughest technological obstacles. The RTC team takes on bold challenges and delivers what they promise – innovative, professional, and high-quality results.”

Eli Zehavi, COO & VP R&D Mazor Robotics, Ltd.

The Challenge

Mazor sought a viable technological solution that would enable intra-operative conversion of 2D x-ray scans into rotatable 3D images and which would be based on the standard C-Arm imaging system available in most operating rooms.

The Solution

RTC Vision partnered with Mazor Robotics to develop C-InSight ®, an innovative, intuitive, and cost-efficient apparatus allowing to generate a detailed view of intra-articular surfaces in high-quality 3D images with minimal artifacts by implants and significantly lower radiation exposure (5-10% compared to alternative intraoperative 3D scanning methods), making it safer for both surgeon and patient. C-InSight ® is CE and FDA-approved.