The Launchpad platform is a combined software and hardware system for manufacturing products in fast turnarounds. The software automatically analyzes, classifies, routes, and plans product procurement, manufacturing, and assembly.​

“It has been a pleasure to work with RTC-vision on successful projects and demos. In terms of quality, consulting, and innovative thinking, it was exactly what we were looking for in a technology vendor. Highly recommended!”

Ofer Ricklis

The Challenge

Product assemblage includes tasks such as fastening, glue dispensing, picking, and placing, which are carried out using a robot equipped with appropriate tools. Ensuring a seamless operation throughout the assembly chain requires high precision regarding component placements and the spatial definition per task (the location where a task begins and ends). The system, therefore, uses a camera for detection, analysis, and robot guidance, which in turn requires precise spatial analysis and object/part classifications using complex algorithmic processing.

The Solution

Provided a CAD model or image of a specific part, the analytic algorithms we have developed allow precise and expedient camera-image processing of the location, position, and orientation of any given part on a 3D spatial matrix to facilitate seamless, high-volume performance along the assembly line.