KITOV Systems, a RTC Vision spinoff established in 2014, is focused on developing a fully automated Universal Quality Control solution for many applications and customers. was founded with the Knowledge and experience of RTC Vision. Their ability to combine deep academic knowledge with a practical understanding of the actual workflows in manufacturing, resulted in an innovative product that solves a crucial bottleneck in the process. Since then, we enjoy collaborating with RTC-Vision. RTC produces top-notch solutions by combining excellence, deep knowledge, and hard work.”

Aviel First, CEO,

The Challenge

To replace outdated manual quality control inspection methods with an affordable, efficient, automated quality control method that is universally applicable and consistent with current industry standards and manufacturing requirements.




The Solution

KITOV’s universal quality control system is a fully customizable robotic visual inspection system equipped with an autonomous optical head unit for scanning products and identifying defects. With a simple and fast product enrollment process using golden parts and CAD models, the system can be operated by a single operator at the manufacturing line without relying on a machine vision specialist. The result is consistent high-res quality control analysis at lower cost and shorter inspection time compared to traditional, mainly manual, quality control inspection methods.