Embarking on each project with in-depth analysis, taking into account the specific requirements and challenges, and then providing a tailored and optimized product-grade solution- this is our method.  We think outside the box, always scouting for new ideas for implementation and collaboration with our customers.

Our business models are flexible in order to ensure optimal engagement with our customers. Our two common business models are service-based and partnership:

Service-Based model

RTC Vision offers customer-specific services that are designed to address specific problems and needs. These services may include conducting a feasibility study or proof-of-concept (POC) to determine the viability and details of a project, developing algorithms, implementing, and customizing solutions, and optimizing and deploying the final product. By beginning with a limited feasibility study or POC, we can define the project in detail and mitigate any potential risks before moving forward with the full project.

Partnership model

In addition to the service-based model, we are open to various modes of partnership. With a broad portfolio of capabilities and technologies designed for various industries, we enhance our customers’ products by deploying our engines, technologies, and know-how. We are experienced in tailoring the model to create a win-win collaboration.